Disfrutar y disfrutar

Anoche estuve viendo (de nuevo) “No controles” de Borja Cobeaga, una comedia muy divertida, con un personaje, Juancarlitros (interpretado por Julián López) que merecería por sí mismo una secuela. La canción que da título a la película, creada por Nacho Cano, la interpretó en su día el grupo “Olé Olé” (febrero de 1983) cuando lo lideraba Vicky Larraz. Marta Sánchez comandó ese grupo musical de 1986 a 1991.

Estoy siguiendo especialmente la pretemporada del Valencia C. F. de Unai Emery. Tras vencer a domicilio al Sporting de Portugal en su presentación, ha hecho lo mismo con el Hamburgo. Bernat, un canterano de 18 años, ha marcado para el equipo. Creo que Mata se quedará y el conjunto che hará grandes cosas esta temporada.

Y en el duelo Mourinho-Guardiola, el portugués sigue con su gira triunfal (1-7 al Guangzou, con doblete de Benzema y primer gol de Jesé). Mou se queja de “plantilla corta” (el que no llora…). Entretanto, el FC Barcelona recibe un 4-1 del Chivas de Guadalajara tras una pésima defensa en la segunda parte. "Estamos atrasados en algunas cosas, por muchos motivos, pero creo tanto en estos jugadores que sé que jugaremos bien en la Liga y en las otras competiciones que tenemos por delante", ha declarado Pep Guardiola. Y añadió: “Vamos a tener que cambiar nuestra mentalidad lo antes posible". La Supercopa de España está a 10 días.

También he estado leyendo el voluminoso “The 4-Hour Body”, de Timothy Ferriss, subtitulado “Un uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman”. Realmente es innovador, práctico y da mucho que pensar (y que actuar). Desmitifica las calorías, el peso (se centra en el % de grasa y músculo), habla de las mejores prácticas y da consejos muy útiles. Todo un aprendizaje.

En su web (www.fourhourbody.com) comenta que han sido 10 años de experimentos y ha consultado a más de 100 científicos. El libro salió a la venta el 14 de diciembre de 2010 y es nº 1 del NYTimes. Más de 1.500 votaciones en Amazon.com (dos tercios le dan cinco sobre cinco).

Jason Cal comenta (en inglés) lo siguiente sobre el libro (y más de 1.850 sobre 2.000 lectores lo han encontrado útil):

“Ferriss spent more than a decade researching, monitoring, and noting the progress of his own mind and body. He served as his own laboratory guinea pig and also played the role of a doctor, physical therapist, and coach to prepare for this book. Like a school boy, Ferris teaches you how to get your classwork done fast so you can go out and play. He asks you to be skeptical of the book and try only that which you think will help you.

Here's what's in it:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals--First And Foremost

* Ferriss describes the "Mininum Effective Dose" (doing the bare minimum to gain the most desired outcome).

Chapter 2: Ground Zero--Getting Started and Swaraj

* Uses Mahatma Gandhi reference to make the case that only we can govern our body and destiny by what we purposely choose to do.

Chapter 3: Subtracting Fat

Five rules for cutting body fat:

1. Avoid "white" carbohydrates

2. Eat the same few meals over and over again

3. Don't drink calories

4. Don't eat fruit

5. Take one day off per week

* The Lost Art of Bingeing: Specific steps to minimize fat gain while splurging

Chapter 4: Adding Muscle

* Building the Perfect Posterior

* Ferriss turns the table for readers who wish to gain weight by offering strategies on how to gain 34 pounds in 28 days with exercises like the Occam's Protocoli, the Bike-Shed Effect, and GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day).

Chapter 5: Improving Sex

* Ferriss tells a story about a promise he made to a female yoga instructor who have never experienced an orgasm in her life that he "would fix her inability to orgasm"

* the women has to bring herself "there."

* men need to change the angle and pressure during penetration.

* The 15-min Female Orgasm

1. Explain to partner that you will touch her

2. Get into position

3. Find the Upper-Quadrant Point of the Clitoris, and Stroke Lightly--for 15 minutes.

Chapter 6: Perfecting Sleep

How to Fall Asleep Faster:

* Focus on getting to sleep

* 67ºF to 70ºF is the best room temperature to fall asleep

* Eat a large fat-and protein-dominated meal 3 hours before bedtime

* Use low light in the bedroom

* Take a cold bath an hour before bed

* Use a humidifier to generate cool mist

* Try to sleep in the half-military crawl position

How to Sleep Less and Feel Great

* Learn how to manipulate the sleep cycle to stay in REM sleep longer

* Take frequent 20-min naps throughout the day

Chapter 7: Reversing Injuries

* The $10,000 Fix: Ferriss cured his "permanent" injuries by receiving a concoction of chemicals (i.e. Platelet-rich plasma, Stem cell factor, Bone morphogenic proteint-7, Insulin-like growth factor 1) via injection.

The Cheaper Fix in Stages:

* Stage 1: Movement

* Stage 2: Manipulaiton

* Stage 3: Medication

* Stage 4: Surgery

Chapter 8: Running Faster and Farther

* Jumping Higher: Joe DeFranco, a renowned trainer of the NFL Scouting Combine, worked with Ferriss on his shoulder drive, arm position before the jump, squat stance and hip flexors that allowed Ferriss to jump vertically three inches higher in 48 hours.

* Running Faster: Joe DeFranco also coached Ferriss on how to run the 40-yard dash faster by correcting Ferriss's line-and-arm position at the start line. Ferriss was advised to keep his head down, his knee head of his toes, chin tucked and upper body head of lower body, and to take few steps. Ferriss improved his 40-yard dash by .33 seconds in 48 hours.

* Running Further: Ferriss trains by running 400-meter repeatedly (over and over again) while monitoring quantity of repeats, maximum effort percentage, and rest time. Ken Mierke, a world-champion triathlete helped Ferriss with his stride rate, lean position, and arm movement. With preparation, biomechanics, and training, Ferriss was able to increase his running distance of 5K to 50K in 12 weeks.

Chapter 9: Getting Stronger

The gems in this chapter to become stronger as experimented by Ferriss include:

* Dynamic stretching

* Bench press, push-ups, deadlift to knees

* Static Stretching

* Keep "time under tension" while lifting under 10 seconds to avoid muscle burn.

* "Lift heavy but not hard"

* Keep training times (day or night) consistent.

Chapter 10: From Swimming to Swinging

* Ferriss learned how to swim effortlessly within 10 days

* How to swing a bat like Babe Ruth

* How to hold breath longer Houdini, and David Blaine

Chapter 11: On Longer and Better Life

* Take 5-10 grams of Creatine Monohydrate per day

* Fasting and Protein Cycling

* Donate blood

My biggest criticism is the book didn't do enough with the mind part. For that, you might want to read Emotional Intelligence 2.0. That book did a great deal for my mind.”

Pues nada, abrá que terminar este libro de Ferriss y leer Emotional Inteligence 2.0.

Mi agradecimiento a los creativos e investigadores: a Borja, Unai, Mou y Pep, Timothy y Jason.